How Do I Get Ready for a Pest Inspection

Getting ready for a Pest Inspection, whether inside or out, is as easy as 1-2-3.

When you book All Aspects Pest Control to take care of your pest problem, there is very little you need to do to prepare your home. It’s not like the old days - ridding your home of insects, mice or any other pests is simple, quick, convenient and healthy.


What to do before your pest control treatment – common questions


Q: Do I have to prepare anything, move things out of the cupboards or away from the walls before someone treats my home?

A: No. Years ago it was common for pest controllers to ask you to remove items from your

kitchen cupboards (crockery, cutlery and such). This was mainly due to the dangerous chemicals used.

All Aspects Pest Control we use safe chemicals and low impact methods/application  There is no need to move things out of the way,  as we are experts at getting into every knock and cranny.

Q: Do we need to leave the house while the treatment is being done?

A: The majority of the time you and your family are fine to stay on the premises.

The only exceptions we advise to this are for pregnant women, newborns and people with hypersensitivity or allergies.

We will never conduct a treatment before notifying you if we think it’s best to leave and we will let you know when you book.

Q: How long before I see results from a pest treatment?

A: Depending on the pest we are treating the time frame varies, but generally speaking the results are almost immediate. Many times, I see dead roaches before I’ve finished your treatment!

To be conservative, give it 14 days to fully take effect.

Q: Is it safe for people and my pets after my house or backyard is treated? 

A: Yes. While you may see us wearing a lot of protective gear, this is purely because we are exposed to the chemicals - day in, day out - and it’s just a precaution.

Most of our chemicals are pyrethroids; a chemical based on the pyrethrin’s found in Chrysanthemum Flowers. It is considered one of, if not the, safest chemical for domestic use.

Q: How long does a pest control treatment last?

A: We offer warranties on all our work from 3 to 12 months (depending on what we’ve done). Basically, if they come back, call us and we will return to solve the problem.

What to do Next


If  you’re in need of a Pest Inspection or you have more questions, call us today. We can help you to get your house pest-free and keep it that way, quickly and easily, so you can focus on the fun things in life.

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