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We Put Your Health First

Families who come to us want a safe, healthy home. Our first step is to answer all your questions and make sure that your pest control program is the right fit for you.

Our lead pest technician, Damian, is highly qualified and knowledgeable, and he loves a good chat, so please have your questions handy and any concerns you have. With proper diagnosis, you’ll have the right solution, guaranteed.

What Are Your Pest Worries?

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Common Family Home Issues

  • Health and wellbeing due to critter litter
  • Concerns about cost to remove them
  • Worries about the chemicals being used
  • Nobody wants a reoccurrence!
  • Do you know what you’re doing?
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Here’s How We Solve them

  • We Listen to You
  • Preventing Recurring Issues
  • Expert Chemical Use
  • 12 Months Pest Free Guarantee
  • Education and Solutions


These destructive beasties may have evolved over millions of years, but they can't match our technology. Camera probes, moisture detection equipment, sonic testing devices, - and that is just our inspection process.

  • 100% Termite Elimination Guarantee
  • Safe for you, your family, pets and the environment
  • Licensed Building and Pest Inspector
  • Licensed Building and Pest Technicians
  • Insured and Licensed
  • Locally owned and operated


How Often Do You Need Pest Control Gold Coast?

Possum Control Gold Coast

Family Home Pest Control - For Health

With young kids at home, you need to keep them safe and free from bites or disease. Spiders, rats, mice and cockroaches are a worry! Making sure that you’re protected with child safe chemicals is our mission.

We treat inside your home and outside, so that your garden is a safe playspace. In the case of tiny children or extremely sensitive people, will will listen to your wishes and use the right chemicals, or work safely around sensitive areas in your home.

Possum Control Gold Coast

Residential Home Pest Control - For Wealth

Aside from the health risks of rodents or spiders, the unseen damage inside walls, roofs and floors can be one nasty surprise for any homeowner.

Ten years ago the CSIRO showed 1 in 4 homes were attacked by termites. Now it's 1 in 3 homes. I’ve seen repair bills for a termite attack range between $900 and $180,000. The majority of damage bills are much higher than a regular treatment regime.


When you build or renovate, there’s a legal requirement through AS 3660.1 and 3660.2 to have a pest control treatment done for any new residential or commercial building. We guarantee your treatment will have long lasting benefits for your new build. We are fully qualified to treat your home with guaranteed results.


Before you purchase a new home or business, know it’s value. Unfortunately, that value can be dramatically eroded by damage through termites or rodents. A qualified pest controller will give you the peace of mind that your new building passes inspection, inside and out. Get a pre-purchase inspection for guaranteed peace of mind on property value.

Our Guarantee

Use the 100% Money back guarantee and tagline - WE’RE NOT HAPPY UNLESS YOU’RE HAPPY!

The best pest controllers provide peace of mind, guaranteed service and an educated solution. When you’re wondering what questions to ask, this handy guide will make sure that your treatment lasts and is safe and effective. We cover:

  • The pest treatment process
  • Getting a personalised solution
  • Treatment guarantees
  • Checking license and insurances
  • How long a treatment should be
  • Issues with treatment failures