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Our fully licensed and insured RBI expert Gold Coast team is highly qualified. We protect businesses, homes and families with environmentally friendly, tailored solutions all year round, including home pest inspections, pest and bird control and animal relocation.

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Camera probes, Moisture and Thermal sensing, Sonic detection for all inspections

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Our highly qualified technicians always tailor a specific treatment plan for your pest problem; there’s no spray and pray here!

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We use the right chemical for the problem, so that your property is safe and pest free. We offer baby and pet friendly organic treatments.

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Maintenance and aftercare is part of our service so that you don’t have to worry ever again!

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These destructive beasties may have evolved over millions of years, but they can’t match our technology. Camera probes, moisture detection equipment, sonic testing devices, – and that is just our inspection process.

1 in 3 Gold Coast homes get termites

How to prevent damage cost effectively

When you’re buying a home or business on the gold coast, you get insurance and you check the building for problems. A termite inspection is both an initial check and a low fee regular maintenance item that will save you thousands in the long run.

Consider the risk of termites and cockroaches, mice, spiders, snakes, possums, rats, fleas and ants. EVERY home or business gets some kind of pest. With young children or a business, the need for peace of mind and protection against bites, noise and disease is one reason people use us.

The second reason is large damage bills. Ten years ago the CSIRO showed 1 in 4 homes were attacked by termites … now that stat is 1 in 3. With the risk of repairing a termite attack between $900 and $180,000 (and that’s just in my experience), a twice-yearly inspection and treatment regime is both cost effective and worthwhile.

Pest control that works!

How to prevent damage cost effectively

These destructive critters may have evolved over millions of years, but they can’t match our technology. Camera probes, moisture detection equipment, sonic testing devices are our go-to for inspections.

When it comes to treatment, we diagnose, mix and treat for EXACTLY what you need. That way we can guarantee our services every time.

As Gold Coast and Brisbane based Pest Controllers, we know local critters and how to handle them. We service the south of Brisbane, Tweed Heads, Biggera Waters, Runaway Bay and the length of the Gold Coast. An age of experience working in local conditions means we know how to operate efficiently in this environment, this ensures cost-effective services.

Family home pest control

With young kids at home, you need to keep them safe and free from bites or disease. Spiders, rats, mice and cockroaches are a worry! Making sure that you're protected with child safe chemicals is our mission.

Residential pest controller

As you age, your home is your sanctuary and it's important to have a regular schedule that gives you peace of mind and prevents long term risks due to pest damage from pests, termites or rodents.

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