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Termites are annoying as they can casue serious damage to your property. Be it your flooring, walls, ceilings, or decking, termites can destroy the beauty of your home in no time if you don't deal with them. 

Termites are tiny insects that you may often confuse for ants. These silent destroyers live in colonies and may look white or dark brown depending upon their species. They eat your walls and other wooden material, eventually destroying your home or commercial property. 

Therefore, when it comes to termite control, you need a timely diagnosis and treatment. That's why we offer a regular schedule for termite control and treatment for properties around Gold Coast.

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Signs of a Termite Infestation

Did you know there are more than 300 species of termites in Australia that destroy one in five homes. So how do you tell if you have a termite infestation or not? If you notice some hollow-sounding walls, or small piles of sawdust-like particles, mud tubes, or discarded wings, it’s likely that your property is infested with termites. 

Termite Control and Treatment

Termites don’t just damage your wood. They can also change the shape of your doors or windows by releasing moisture which changes the way they fit. Termites create tunnels in the wood, which are hard to see from the outside. That's why our team makes a careful assessment around your property, checking for any existing and potential termite infestation.

Guaranteed Results in Termite Control

Our termite control team exactly knows where termites love to reside and hide in your property. We know their patterns, and hence we can help you eliminate termite colonies from your home or commercial property. Eliminating termites at a very early stage can help prevent dramatic damage to your home. That's why we offer effective solutions to eliminate them quickly. Most importantly, all our treatments are safe and effective with long-lasting results. 

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Termite Control and Prevention Schedule

We offer a regular pest control schedule for your home or commercial property around Gold Coast so that your property remains safe from termites and other pests. We also provide a certificate of completion every 3 to 6 months of the termite control schedule. So, the quicker you call us, the safer your home is.


These destructive beasties may have evolved over millions of years, but they can't match our technology. Camera probes, moisture detection equipment, sonic testing devices, - and that is just our inspection process.

  • 100% Termite Elimination Guarantee
  • Safe for you, your family, pets and the environment
  • Licensed Building and Pest Inspector
  • Licensed Building and Pest Technicians
  • Insured and Licensed
  • Locally owned and operated



To ensure that your business is entirely protected, our inspections are high-tech for proper diagnosis. Camera probes, moisture detection equipment and sonic testing devices are some of our go-to devices. We can work out if you have a problem, where it is and then treatment is correctly matched to solve your problem.

When it comes to treatment, we diagnose, mix and treat for EXACTLY what you need. If you’ve heard that you can’t control some kind of pest, then don’t believe it.
We know the habits of every critter, how to diagnose the problem and we treat with the right chemicals. That way we can guarantee our services every time.

As Gold Coast and Brisbane based Pest Controllers, we know local critters and how to handle them. We service the following areas:

South Brisbane suburbs, Tweed Heads, Biggera Waters, Runaway Bay and the length of the Gold Coast. We are local and we guarantee our services, just book a call.


  • We Listen to You
  • Preventing Recurring Issues
  • Expert Chemical Use
  • 12 Months Pest Free Guarantee
  • Education and Solutions
  • Cert III in Pest Management (22 Modules)
  • SWMS Pest Control (commercial)
  • Tailored solutions
  • Home and business


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The best pest controllers provide peace of mind, guaranteed service and an educated solution. When you’re wondering what questions to ask, this handy guide will make sure that your treatment lasts and is safe and effective. We cover:

  • The pest treatment process
  • Getting a personalised solution
  • Treatment guarantees
  • Checking license and insurances
  • How long a treatment should be
  • Issues with treatment failures