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Spider Control Explained

Are spiders your biggest fear?

Our expert spider control team can protect you and your family from them.

Spiders are a typical nuisance. Even though most spiders are not harmful, seeing them hanging from their webs or strolling around your home can be scary, and getting rid of their sticky webbings can also be annoying.

Spiders can enter your house through small gaps, windows or the gaps under doors. They slowly make their way into silent places so that you don’t find them. Eventually, they can end up inside your wardrobes, garage or where there is a lot of clutter.

Encountering spiders can be quite shocking, which is why we come to your rescue in removing spiders from your home or commercial property effectively.

Signs of a Spider Infestation

Australia is home to around 10,000 species of spiders.

So you can only imagine what species reside inside your home. Whether they are dangerous or not, everyone fears a spider bite. Plus they can be extremely harmful to kids and pets too. Spider infestation is a serious situation so call our spider control service to keep your family safe.

Spider Inspection Service

We offer a General Pest Inspection Service to check for any hiding crawlers inside your property. Spiders tend to settle in warm, quiet and dark areas inside your home. So if you ever spot a deadly spider or move to a new property, make sure you have it checked. We also provide affordable regular maintenance service in and around Gold Coast to keep the pests at bay.

Spider Control Schedule Gold Coast

Without regular inspection and treatment, spiders can invade your property shortly. Therefore, we provide an easy and effective regular schedule to check for any signs of infestations on your property. Moreover, we offer a certificate of completion every 3 to 6 months.

Guaranteed Results in Spider Control

Our spider control process is comprehensive. Firstly, we make a detailed inspection of your property. We make sure that we leave no area without checking for any signs of webbing or dropping. And depending upon your needs, we offer both exterior and interior treatment. Our spider control treatment offer guaranteed and long-lasting results. Most importantly, all our treatments are safe for your family. 

Business pest control - 3 pest inspection

These destructive beasties may have evolved over millions of years, but they can’t match our technology. Camera probes, moisture detection equipment, sonic testing devices, – and that is just our inspection process.

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Spider Control Gold Coast Technology

To ensure that your business is entirely protected, our inspections are high-tech for proper diagnosis. Camera probes, moisture detection equipment and sonic testing devices are some of our go-to devices. We can work out if you have a problem, where it is and then treatment is correctly matched to solve your problem.

When it comes to treatment, we diagnose, mix and treat for EXACTLY what you need. If you’ve heard that you can’t control some kind of pest, then don’t believe it.
We know the habits of every critter, how to diagnose the problem and we treat with the right chemicals. That way we can guarantee our services every time.

As Gold Coast and Brisbane based Pest Controllers, we know local critters and how to handle them. We service the following areas:

South Brisbane suburbs, Tweed Heads, Biggera Waters, Runaway Bay and the length of the Gold Coast. We are local and we guarantee our services, just book a call.

We’re not happy unless you’re happy!

7 Questions to ask before hiring your pest controller

The best pest controllers provide peace of mind, guaranteed service and an educated solution. When you’re wondering what questions to ask, this handy guide will make sure that your treatment lasts and is safe and effective. We cover:

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the pest we are treating the time frame varies, but generally speaking the results are almost immediate. Many times, I see dead roaches before I’ve finished your treatment!

To be conservative, give it 14 days to fully take effect.

We offer warranties on all our work from 3 to 12 months (depending on what we’ve done). Basically, if they come back, call us and we will return to solve the problem.

Yes. While you may see us wearing a lot of protective gear, this is purely because we are exposed to the chemicals – day in, day out – and it’s just a precaution.

Most of our chemicals are pyrethroids; a chemical based on the pyrethrin’s found in Chrysanthemum Flowers. It is considered one of, if not the, safest chemical for domestic use.

No. Years ago it was common for pest controllers to ask you to remove items from your

kitchen cupboards (crockery, cutlery and such). This was mainly due to the dangerous chemicals used.

All Aspects Pest Control we use safe chemicals and low impact methods/application  There is no need to move things out of the way,  as we are experts at getting into every knock and cranny.

The majority of the time you and your family are fine to stay on the premises.

The only exceptions we advise to this are for pregnant women, newborns and people with hypersensitivity or allergies.

We will never conduct a treatment before notifying you if we think it’s best to leave and we will let you know when you book.