Our Process

Many pest controllers still use a spray and pray technique, which may mean you don’t get the result you wanted. At All Aspects, we keep upskilling with ongoing study and product knowledge. This means that we deliver the correct chemical for your unique circumstance and that not only effectively removes pests, it is also safe for family and pets.

We understand that no two homes are the same and each one needs a tailored and effective treatment. Damian’s ongoing study in the field of pest management means that we are always at the forefront of the latest and safest techniques. Because we back our work 100%, you can rest assured that you always get the best outcomes for you, your family and your home. 


Step 1

Discovering your home or business pest issue

We will have a conversation to see what pests are bothering you. Having a good conversation and a walk-through helps us define both what the problem is and the best solutions for you.

Step 2

Understanding your pest problem

A full onsite inspection makes sure we identify the cause of the problems and can then give you the right course of action. We want to know what has happened, why it’s happening and how to prevent or control future problems.

Step 3

Quoting for pest control

We let you know exactly what is needed and advise the fee for service and any ongoing maintenance by you or us to continue control to avoid having pest problems like that again.

Step 4

Chemical and premises preparation

We mix up the exact right chemicals for your situation, and make sure that the ones used are right. Outside and inside treatments need different chemicals and getting the concentration right is essential for you to get a lasting result as well as keeping everyone safe during the process.

At this state you’ll be locking up your pets, closing windows, bringing the washing in off the line and keeping children away while treatment is done outside. While this is over the top in safety measures (because our chemicals are used safely) we believe that prevention is better than cure.

Step 5

Building and garden pest treatment outside

We treat all fence lines, gardens, bushes and pathway edges. We inspect the lawn for any obvious pest activity such as ant’s nests. We move around all of the outside garden, house and business walls, where we dust the wall voids then spray the outside of the home from ground to gutter. Some companies just spray around the base and the windows of your premises, and so miss vital areas of surface protection.

Step 6

Pest spray, dusting and baiting inside your home or office

Inside we again clarify if there are any safety concerns. You may have areas that you don’t want us to treat. A new mum may not want to have their baby or child with respiratory issues to be challenged by treating their bedroom. That’s always fine, we want to make sure that you’re safely protected and not worried about any consequences. We do use organic chemicals for some treatments, so that may be an option.

Inside the home or business, we treat all skirting or base boards with liquid chemicals and we treat under and behind all furniture as well. We treat inside cupboards with gels and dust – and where years ago you had to remove all the plates and cutlery, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. All wet areas are treated with baits, gels and dust. All Aspects complete the treatment by placing dust in the roof and wall voids. This is a permethrin-based powder or dust that is brilliant at controlling cockroaches that live in the wall voids and spiders and silverfish that live in the roof space.

Step 7

Guaranteed pest control results

We love to make sure that you’re 100% happy with the results, so we offer a 12-month guarantee on our work. If there is an ongoing issue, like termites, we will let you know what is needed to make sure that your problem is completely resolved and how long that will take.

We also make sure you understand the environmental reasons for your pest problem, so that you’re not just treating the symptoms, you understand the cause so that you can really get results.

Step 7

Maintenance recommendation for complete pest control

We recommend you treat your home (link to residential page) or business (link to commercial page) twice a year for best results. This makes sure your property. your family and your pets are safe all year around. We use different chemicals (so each treatment lasts 12 months) to tackle the problems caused during the year. We regularly treat homes and businesses for termites and then do a full treatment for all the other pests 6 months later.