Are Animals Living in Your Roof?

animals in roof

Scratching, thumping and strange noises in your roof?  Chances are a possum, or a family of rats have settled in and they have no plans on leaving your home any time soon.

Not only are water rats a problem for those living along the Gold Coast’s many canals, but any property can find itself with a rat or possum infestation and it’s best to move quick. Without removing, baiting or killing these rodents, It’s amazing how much fire and water damage can occur.

Are there Problems with Rodents in Your Roof?

Rodents can cause serious damage to your property, including chewing through electrical wires and even damaging waterpipes. Rats are surprisingly flexible and can squeeze their way into your home quickly and easily, building their nest in the wall cavity or nestling into insulation, further damaging your home.  A rat family can be large, with a rat breeding 3- 4 times a year with upwards of nine babies per litter and they carry many diseases. In just one year that’s up nearly 40 rats in your home, so, it’s best to get on top of your rat problem before their population explodes.

Another pest you may find in your roof, year-round, is the possum, as the rapid expansion in developments on the Gold Coast diminishes their natural habitat. A mother possum can find your roof space to be a perfect, safe place to leave her babies while she searches for food.  Possums will find their way in through broken tiles or weatherboards and while they won’t cause electrical damage or hidden water leaks in your home, they will mark their territory with urine. They also make a lot of noise at times, padding along above the ceiling and you might hear hissing, screaming, clicking or chattering, even sneezing.

The stench and noise is extremely unpleasant when temperatures rise on the Gold Coast, so keeping your home possum free is essential for a good nights sleep.

How to Remove Possums and Rats from Your Home

At All Aspects Pest Control, we strategically place baits in the roof to treat rats, which once eaten by the rodent, triggers a natural response in them to go searching for water. This drives them out of your home. We can remove the nests and we will even return to remove any deceased rats still in your roof, although this is rarely necessary.

Possums are a protected species, so you will need a licensed Pest Controller to remove them. At All Aspects Pest Control, we use humane methods to trap and release the possum.  Once a trap is set in the late afternoon, we will return early the next morning to ensure a safe return for the Possum, to their natural habitat.  Possums are territorial so the animal must be returned to an area within 100m to ensure the best chance of survival.

So, if strange noises, scratching and banging is coming from your roof, or if you are seeing signs of water leakage or electrical interference, give All Aspects Pest Control a call before your problem gets out of control. We can arrange a quick and safe solution to remove rodents or possums and advise ways for you to keep them at bay.

Damian Hooper

Damian Hooper

Damian has been a professional pest controller since 2009, and it is his wealth of experience which enables him to deal with pest problems, where others have failed.