Termites Are on the March – Facts and Conditions

Termites Are on the March

With spring in full swing on the Gold Coast, now is the time that Termites amp up their activity, and they can be in your house for over a month before you see any signs of damage.

All Aspects Pest Control sees an increase in termite cases in spring, and it usually continues right throughout summer, until March or April the following year. Knowing the ideal conditions termites thrive in can help keep them under control between pest inspections.

Here’s a rundown on the destructive termite.

Facts about termites you may not know.

  • They destroy timber in roofing, walls and floors and can do this in just a 3 month period
  • Termites love urban areas throughout Queensland, especially within a 100 metre radius of gumtrees
  • Termites can pass through a 2 mm hole in a concrete slab
  • The “worker” termites are active 24 hours a day

All Aspects Pest Control recommends pest treatment for termites to be done every 12 months, or as soon as you see signs of infestation.

Ideal Conditions for Termites

  1. Conditions and Breeding

    They look for cellulose-based food sources and a water source. Timber, cardboard or paper near a leaky pipe provide the perfect breeding conditions.

  2. Humidity and High Temperatures

    They take flight once the outside conditions match that of their nest – which means above 80% humidity and 29c to 36c. This makes our beautiful Queensland summer an ideal time for them to breed and infest.

  3. Darkness and Closed Spaces

    Termites don’t like light so they will try to keep their nest dark and they keep out of the fresh air.

Things to Avoid

To prevent termites from settling into your home, avoid the following:

  • Ground level rotting timber
  • Old tree stumps
  • Palm tree stumps
  • Pooling water by your house
  • Airconditioning units that leak

Signs of a Termite Infestation 

Look for the following signs around your home:

  • Fragile, soft, or flaking timber
  • Soggy timber
  • Water stains on your plasterboard
  • Bulging  or uneven walls
  • Pin holes in your plasterboard
  • Mud packed in a crack

If any of these signs are showing in your home or business premises, give us a call. We can determine if termites have taken up residence in your home and offer you a personalised  solution to eliminate them.

As 90% of termite cases are tracked back to a leaky pipe;  once we have investigated your property, we will cheerfully also recommend a local plumber to help.

If  you’re in need of a Pest Inspection or you have more questions, call us today. We can help discuss your pest problem, and we can work with you to offer our regular in-person service, or to walk you through solutions over the phone

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