Why are Ants and Cockroaches Everywhere Right Now?

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As we march towards summer on the Gold Coast, we will see more warm sunny days, and you might notice more ants and cockroaches on the march too.

While we head to the beach to cool off with a dip and an ice cream or stay inside, these pests are looking for cooler spots to build their nests.

Ants will head indoors to your lovely, cool house to escape the heat and find water. The other common pest, the cockroach, loves all things warm too. Get ready because they are more likely during a very hot, dry Summer which is predicted for the Gold Coast this year.

Where are all the Ants Going?


Spring and Summer is the peak time of their breeding cycle so you’ll see them finding a place to mate right now.

  • Ants will head indoors to find food and water
  • To escape the heat or the rain
  • Good conditions inside means they set up a colony quickly
  • They work 24 hours a day to establish their nest

Why are There so Many Cockroaches?

The increase in higher density living, in areas like the Gold Coast, has reduced the cockroaches natural living environment.

  • Cockroaches love warm areas around dishwashers and fridges
  • they enjoy warm weather
  • Cockroaches inside are chasing food and water
  • It’s breeding time – which sees more of them around, especially the young, active cockroaches

What can I do to get rid of Ants and Cockroaches?

Getting Rid of Gold Coast Ants

Ants adapt to repellant sprays like the can of insect repellant we all use around the home. They will avoid it, sacrifice some of their colony and simply move their nest to another wall cavity.

Non-repellents kill ants slowly as they walk through it. It is transferred to the other ants and the Queen Ant through their grooming and feeding habits.

At All Aspects Pest we use non-repellant chemicals. Ants are unaware it’s a chemical and it eliminates the Queen Ant which is essential.

Removing Gold Coast Cockroaches

You will have heard that it’s hard to kill a cockroach! That’s true so they need to be killed slowly.

At All Aspects Pest Control we use a mixture of repellants, one fast acting, one slow release to eliminate incumbent cockroaches and keep them at bay for 12 months.

What Can You Do to Prevent or Remove Ants and Cockroaches?

Our Mantra is “pests are easier to prevent than to treat once they have taken hold.”

At All Aspects Pest Control, we:

  • Determine what pest currently annoys you the most and combine the right products and amount of applications required, to eliminate them
  • Our General Pest Control covers not only cockroaches and ants but crawling insects, spiders and silverfish
  • Our products are organic-based or of the lowest toxicity. We use the safest possible product on the market while getting the job done
  • Our products are safe for use in hospitals and food preparation areas
  • We recommend a general pest control application once or twice a year

If you are seeing an increase in ants and cockroaches or any household or commercial pest, call All Aspects Pest Control to tailor a solution to your needs.

For General Pest Control a quote can be done over the phone, making conquering these pests quick, easy and safe for you and your family.

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Damian Hooper

Damian Hooper

Damian has been a professional pest controller since 2009, and it is his wealth of experience which enables him to deal with pest problems, where others have failed.