10 Homemade Remedies for Pest Control

toxic spray can near cockroaches

More than 8000 pesticides are in use in Australia, of which 75% are agricultural grade while 25% are being used in households. 

Even though the pesticides are easily accessible (some of them can be purchased over the counter from hardware shops), they aren’t completely harmless.

Natural pesticides are not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective.

That being said, the use of pesticides is almost unavoidable.

But with natural pesticides, you can get rid of unwanted pesky critters while minimising the use of chemicals around your home.

Garlic and Chilli for Insects

This is one of the best pest control for small insects such as aphids and caterpillars.

Crush garlic and chili; mix it with one tablespoon of vegetable oil and some soap flakes.

Let the mixture sit overnight in a jar, then strain and spray on plants. 

Apple Cider Vinegar for Ants

Ants are more of a nuisance than anything harmful, especially in the kitchen.

Prepare a mixture with equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water.

Then wash your countertops, floors, and walls with the solution to repel ants. 

Beer for Slugs

Slugs are attracted to the fermented yeast in the beer and will actively seek them if they are in the vicinity.

Therefore, bury a wide-mouthed container and fill it with a small amount of beer.

Slugs attracted by the beer will fall inside and drown. 

Do not forget to empty the container every day and refresh until the slugs stop coming. 

Rubbing alcohol and Liquid Soap for Pests

This pest control spray work the best for aphids, scale insects, whiteflies, thrips, and mealybugs.

Prepare a solution with ½ a cup of rubbing alcohol and 4 cups of liquid soap.

Use a spray bottle and spray the mixture directly onto your plants.

Leave it for 15 – 20 minutes and rinse the plants thoroughly to avoid damaging the leaves. 

Keep in mind that this treatment should be done after sunset since it can burn the leaves in direct sunlight.

Continue the treatment every three days for two weeks or until you are rid of the pests.

Garlic and Mint for Insects

Prepare a concoction with 3 cups of mint leaves(along with their stems), two heads of garlic, 2 teaspoons of cayenne pepper, and 12 cups of water.

Boil it and leave it to cool overnight.

Add two squirts of dishwashing liquid (biodegradable) to the strained mixture and spray it over the leaves (underside too). 

Most importantly, do this on a cloudy day or after sunset to prevent the leaves from burning. 

Molasses for Caterpillar and Nematodes

Nematodes and caterpillar can wreak havoc in your vegetable garden overnight.

But a mixture of 3 tablespoons of molasses and 4 cups of warm water sprayed over your garden (over the plants and the ground) should help keep them in control. 

Eucalyptus Oil for Mosquitoes 

While mosquitoes are not harmful to your plants, they make entertaining very difficult.

Eucalyptus oil repels mosquitoes so dab some on before you head outside. 

Eucalyptus oil also repels flies too!

Sprinkle some on a cloth and place it somewhere frequented by flies. Your home should be fly-free quickly. 

Coffee grounds for Pests and Critters

Common pests and critters found in your gardens hate coffee grounds.

So sprinkle used coffee grounds in the areas where you think the bugs are emerging. 

If you’re experience insect problems that can’t be resolved with home made remedies then it’s probably a good time to call our team of pest control Gold Coast experts. We’ll help you deal with the pests in your home for good!

Damian Hooper

Damian Hooper

Damian has been a professional pest controller since 2009, and it is his wealth of experience which enables him to deal with pest problems, where others have failed.