How Do I Choose the Best Pest Controller?

Best Pest Controller

Having someone in your home spraying chemicals can seem like a daunting prospect. And you want to make sure the results will be worth it.

At All Aspects Pest Control, we want you to feel confident the job will be done right without compromising the health of your family. We advocate proactive pest control to avoid more costly treatments and possible repairs to your home, that could have been avoided with the right treatment, at the right time.

The 2 Keys to Effective Pest Management 

It might seem simple, but each little critter has their own reasons for being in your home and preferred locations to ‘set up house’. There are two essential factors to consider to keep your home or business pest free. 

  1. Manage the individual pests ‘cycle of life’
    • Resources such as water, air, food, and reproduction are the drivers for your pest problem
    • Leaking taps, air gaps and cracks should be discovered and fixed
  2. Match the chemical to the problem
    • Not all problems are solved by a general drowning in chemicals
    • Treatment needs to be strategic and well-planned

 Let’s look at what you need to ask before you book in a pest control appointment.

The 7 key questions to ask

Asking these questions ensures you are getting the right person to treat your home effectively.

  1. How will you treat for Pests?

With our extensive expertise, we will identify and treat your pests with the  most appropriate chemicals and some sensitivity. We won’t just ‘spray and pray’. That’s not ideal.

  1. Are you finding a solution that suits my personal needs?

The biology and habits of your pests are the key to long term eradication and control. While it’s not hard to get a low-level qualification in Pest Control, it’s a fair bit more study and experience to become an expert.

As a Cert III holder, we have completed 22 modules. Entry level qualification is just 5 modules. Remember you are entrusting the safety of your home to your tech, so you deserve the best.

  1. How long do the pests stay away ?

A good solid answer is what you want here, no vague responses!

This comes down to experience of the tech and how deep their understanding is of how the chemicals work. The outside environment is also going to determine effectiveness – look for someone who asks about the environmental factors.

  1. Are you licensed and insured?

This is something people just expect from their chosen pest controller, but it pays to check. Some of the issues you could see happen are property damage or you can make termite damage worse with faulty treatment. Of course, you always need to be covered for health issues too, just in case. 

  1. Do you have a QBCC License?

This question is key, because not all insurance is the same. A QBCC license, is only granted or renewed when you show them that you have the right insurances needed to carry out the work.

We are proudly licensed by QBCC and insured.

  1. How long will you be in my home?

With proper pest control, you actually want someone to take a bit of time to get it right.

If someone is relying on turning over a job as quickly as possible and for as little expense as possible, then they want to ‘fly’ through jobs in an hour or less. We will be in your home from 2 – 4 hours. 

  1. What is your policy if I have an issue?

We carefully assess your issues and determine if we need to provide a program of work. When we undertake our program of work, which may well be a single visit, we have a complete warranty.

If we say we have treated a certain pest then it is covered, no problems.

What to Do Next

When you book All Aspects Pest Control, you know you are getting years of experience, the highest quality of service and genuine care for you and your home.

If you’re in need of a Pest Inspection or you have more questions, call us today.

We can help discuss your pest problem, and we can work with you to offer our regular in-person service, or to walk you through solutions over the phone

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Damian Hooper

Damian Hooper

Damian has been a professional pest controller since 2009, and it is his wealth of experience which enables him to deal with pest problems, where others have failed.