Pest Hibernation – Is it a myth?

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Slowing down and cozying up as the colder weather hits the Gold Coast, is not only true for humans, but also for pests.  BUT don’t think that pests stop wreaking havoc in your home over winter.

While peak activity for pests can happen during the warmer months as breeding cycles are in full swing; possums, termites and rodents can still be doing damage when temperatures drop. Out of sight, out of mind they say, however critters still eat, sleep and leave waste all year ‘round.

Getting rid of your pest problem is easier than ever

Staying on top of your pest control at this time of year can not only ensure your home remains pest free; it will also ensure you are ahead of the game when hotter weather returns.

We recommend a pest ‘checkup’ over winter to keep control of termites who are still busy and mammals who are looking for a warm sleeping spot. The great news is because your hidden guests don’t stray far from home, we can eradicate their hiding spots and will catch higher numbers of pests, so re-infestation is slower.

Facts about pest activity in the colder months

  • You can see an increase in possums, rats, and mice in the winter as they are seeking warmer places to shelter- often in roof spaces, or holes in walls.
  • Whilst animals aren’t breeding during the colder months, they are still active. Termites are still hard at work, destroying timber. Rats aren’t looking for as much food, but they are still living in roof and wall spaces, eating and leaving waste.
  • You may see a decrease in pests like vertebrates and insects – ants, spiders, and mosquitoes – but that also depends on the type of winter – wet, dry, mild, or severe.

All Aspects Pest Control considers all these things to tailor our pest treatment to meet your specific needs. We treat everything, including ants, cockroaches, rodents, spiders, and house munching termites. We are registered, licensed, and insured to deal with all pest types including Fire Ants and we are COVID-19 sanitisation certified.

Signs to look out for over winter to keep your home pest free

  • Termites – Bubbling paint work and mud-filled weep holes can be a sign of these pests, as termites work extra hard to keep their colonies warm when temperatures drop.
  • Possums can mark their territory not only in your house but around your property and you might hear thumping and scratching in the roof.
  • Rats are flexible and can worm their way into your home quickly and easily even in Winter. Rodents can cause serious damage to your property including chewing through electrical wires and even damaging waterpipes.

It’s just as important to keep up your pest inspections over Winter, to rid your home of those pests that have really settled in and to get a head start on all the creepy crawlies that will spring to life when the warmer weather returns.

If life has gotten in the way of keeping your pest inspections up to date, or new pests are appearing around your property, call us today. We can help you to get your house pest-free and keep it that way, quickly and easily, so you can focus on the fun things in life.

Damian Hooper

Damian Hooper

Damian has been a professional pest controller since 2009, and it is his wealth of experience which enables him to deal with pest problems, where others have failed.