What to Keep in Mind Before Hiring a Gold Coast Pest Control Company

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The climate is definitely its very best in winter here at Gold Coast.

But that doesn’t mean that the pests are dormant.

They still wreak havoc in your home and unfortunately, we often do not see the signs until it’s too late, and left unattended pest can pose a health risk.

Unless you want to expose your family to such danger you need to hire a good pest control company

Choosing a pest control service is not an easy task especially if you are intending on fumigating your home.

Not only are you letting them in your home, but also trusting them to use the right products around your family. Since some products are potentially dangerous they really need to know their stuff.

So, you may want to consider the information presented below to ensure that you have chosen the right Gold Coast pest control company

Do Your Research

Research is the key to hiring the right pest control company.

Search online for companies providing pest control services on the Gold Coast.

A simple google search can give you all the information you seek. Additionally, their websites and google reviews should be enough for you to make a decision. 

If not, you can always ask your family, friends and neighbours. While this process is tiresome, you will be able to find a good pest control company by the end of the day.  

The Company Should be Local 

It is always beneficial to hire a pest control service that is local and closer to your home on Gold Coast.

They will have a better idea about the pests indigenous to your neighbourhood and better pest control methods.

Being closer to you also means that you can contact them easily in case of any emergency. 

The Company Should Have a Good Reputation

Having a history of success and a good reputation is crucial in any industry even more so with pest control.

The company you hire should have enough years of experience to back them up.

You may want to research how long they have been in the industry and also the kind of customers they have served. 

Environmentally-friendly Techniques

A pesticide is often the best way of getting rid of pests, however, they can be dangerous to people and pets.

Look out for a pest control company that employs methods best suited to the environment while also catering to your needs, be it your home, office, business or even industrial complex. 

Shop Around and Compare Prices

Many pest control companies on the Gold Coast offer packages at competitive rates, however they should also do everything possible to find a viable solution and get rid of your pest problem.

Do not let affordable rates stop you from hiring a company that offers a quality service.  

Check Customer Reviews

Ensure that you look at their customer reviews before you commit.

“A company should have a solid track record of quality service over the years.”

If you find a large volume of negative reviews from previous clients, you may want to go somewhere else.

They Should Guarantee Their Work

Another point you may want to consider is the guarantee.

Guarantees are important since you don’t want to revisit the same pest issue in the near future or have it balloon into something big. 

Make sure that if the issue reoccurs, they’ll come back and fix it.


Many pest control companies around the Gold Coast are bound to offer the same services.

That’s why it’s important to choose depending on the infestation you are facing, since quality pest control companies will ask questions and ensure that you understand the process beforehand. 

Are you having issues with pests around your home? Talk to our expert team of pest control professionals now!

Damian Hooper

Damian Hooper

Damian has been a professional pest controller since 2009, and it is his wealth of experience which enables him to deal with pest problems, where others have failed.